About Us

Our Vision

As a Group, 

We strive to attain success in

ways that reflect the integrity of the people we invest in as employees or as business partners. Our success is a direct result of our focus on people and their careers; our history is a testament to our investment in innovators and our encouragement of their businesses.

We continue to seek new opportunities     for growth across geographies and industries. With a continued focus on entrepreneurial management, we maintain high standards of performance and accountability in 

all of our businesses.
I invite you to explore our Group as a gateway into the businesses and relationships we have helped to create and continue to support.You will discover the many ways that we are applying the knowledge we have been accumulating since 1980.

Investcom Construction is a progressive and forward-thinking organization dedicated to the pursuit of global growth opportunities. With nearly 35 years of experience in the construction, automotive, hospitality, property development, and textile sectors, we area experts in forging partnerships to improve performance, reduce costs, and build strong, innovative businesses.


                     Hakan Senaltan 

                 Chairman and CEO